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About iPAWS

iPaws is a 24/7 mobile platform connecting pet owners with local Veterinarians and pet care professionals. Our service professionals offer everything from general advice on medical issues, counselling, or vaccinations, via the convenience of a phone call or a video chat. We are there for you over the phone or video chat.

iPAWS Features

Peace of Mind

Get instant Telehealth veterinary services – be able to make better decisions for your fur baby without breaking the bank. Instead of “Googling” and getting misleading information, you’ll be connected to a qualified Veterinarian to answer your concerns.

Emergency Support Services

If your pet is experiencing a life -threatening emergency, please proceed to an emergency clinic immediately.

When things happen out of the blue, your stress level goes through the roof. Sometimes it’s hard to figure out next steps.  If you require phone consultation in a non-life-threatening situation our qualified veterinarians are available to give advice about your pet’s wellness.

Speak to a Vet

You can schedule a 15 minute call with one of our Vets or extend the call. We will do our best to provide you with the information you are looking for.

Routine Care

It’s funny how your pet knows when it’s time to go to the doctor’s office. Do you find they end up hiding on you or they make it nearly impossible to get them into the car? You won’t need to worry about that anymore. You can schedule a phone consultation and our qualified veterinarians are available to advice for your pet wellness.

Schedule a House Visit – Coming SOON

You can schedule a home visit with a local iPaws Veterinarian. Our vets have several years of clinical experience and they provide your family the convenience of bringing the services right to your door.

Full Transparency

Have full transparency into all your appointments, doctor’s notes, prescriptions and the costs. No surprises! You’ll have all the information you need to make informed decisions on your pet’s care.